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Snugger 2.3kw Diesel Heater
Price:   $1,750.00
Part Number: FRV128
Weight: 4.5kg
Dimensions: L306 x W117 x H125 mm

When you are on the move, treat yourself to the comforts of home with a Snugger Diesel Heater 2.3kw heat.
  Operates by burning diesel fuel to heat the air through a heat   exchanger, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.
  The heater can be plumbed into the vehicles existing diesel fuel supply, or fitted with a separate auxiliary fuel tank.
  The unit feature a compact design, simple maintenance, safety protection, low emissions. 
  Easy DIY  to install in the vehicles main cab, the sleeper cab, or the cargo space.
  Ideal for caravans, motor homes, horse trucks, travel trailers, motor and sail boats.
 Operates automatically under an adjustable thermostatic control.
  Inexpensive to run, using only for 0.1 to 0.3 litre per hour.



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